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A project of

Assemble is humanity’s free, open-source tool for organizing and participating in a citizens’ assembly, anywhere in the world.

For Organizers:

The goal of Assemble is to make organizing a citizens’ assembly easier — from running a democratic lottery, to registering participants, tracking meeting schedules, sharing information, supporting dialogue, voting on proposals, and more. We view this as essential to creating a scalable model that has the potential to transform democracy.

For Participants:

Assemble is being designed with participants in mind, guiding them through every step of the citizens assembly process — from onboarding and registration, to tracking meetings, to stimulating deliberation and creative thinking, to creating and voting on proposals.
Assemble is being developed by Democracy Creative in collaboration with practitioners of civic lotteries and citizens’ assemblies from around the World.

Contact us to support or get involved with the development of Assemble:


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